The Office of the District Attorney for the 19th Judicial District, Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Adult Crime Prosecution

The Office of the District Attorney prosecutes criminal cases involving adult defendants (17 years of age or older) charged with violations of state criminal law. Note: Please see the information under Baton Rouge City Court for proceedings involving an arrest or a citation by a city police officer for violations of city municipal ordinances.

The Office of the District Attorney provides a full staff of prosectors for each of the State District Courts that are alloted criminal cases. The State District Courts are located in the new 19th Judicial District Courthouse in downtown Baton Rouge at:

19th Judicial District Courthouse
300 North Boulevard
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

The trial sections of the Office of the District Attorney are located on the 5th floor of City Hall, as follows:

Criminal Court Section 1: Judge Anthony Marabella
Courtroom 8C
Tel. (225) 389-4722
  District Attorney Section 1
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3446
Criminal Court Section 2: Judge Richard Anderson
Courtroom 7B
Tel. (225) 389-4731
  District Attorney Section 2
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3405
Criminal Court Section 3: Judge Mike Erwin
Courtroom 10B
Tel. (225) 389-4765
  District Attorney Section 3
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3406
Criminal Court Section 4: Judge Bonnie Jackson
Courtroom 9B
Tel. (225) 389-4755
  District Attorney Section 4
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3407
Criminal Court Section 5: Judge Louis Daniel
Courtroom 9A
Tel. (225) 389-4711
  District Attorney Section 5
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3408
Criminal Court Section 6: Judge Richard “Chip” Moore
Courtroom 10C
Tel. (225) 389-8820
  District Attorney Section 6
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-3409
Criminal Court Section 7: Judge Beau Higginbotham
Courtroom 6B
Tel. (225) 389-4706
  District Attorney Section 7
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-5658
Criminal Court Section 8: Judges Trudy M. White
Courtroom 6C
Tel. (225) 389-4737
  District Attorney Section 8
Suite 550
Tel. (225) 389-8562


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