The Office of the District Attorney for the 19th Judicial District, Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A message from the District Attorney

I welcome you to visit my office and meet with my staff to learn about the Office of the District Attorney.  If you do so, you will find out that this office is critical to our American system of criminal justice. Under Louisiana law, this office is charged with prosecuting all criminal cases occurring in the Parish of East Baton Rouge.  Since much of Louisiana government is located here, my office has had to pursue prosecutions in many different areas of criminal law, including instances of misconduct by public officials.

This office is funded by the taxpayers of the state and of this parish.  So I want you to always feel welcome to address any concerns you have to me.  My office has gained national recognition for the number of talented career criminal prosecutors we employ as they are truly among the best prosecutors in the nation.  As Baton Rouge is a growing metropolitan area, we know that crime will continue to challenge us on all fronts. My entire staff is committed to working with the community and our law enforcement partners to do our part to fight crime.

I invite all citizens to get involved in improving the criminal justice system.  There are many opportunities to do so, from volunteering with our courts and law enforcement agencies, to serving as a resource with our local sexual assault response center (STAR) or with our local Battered Women’s program.  I would also encourage you to be alert to efforts to undermine the strength of our criminal laws by easing penalties or weakening criminal procedures.  During every legislative session, you will find opponents and proponents of legislation seeking to change our criminal laws and criminal procedures, and these changes are not always for the better. 

Hillar C. Moore, III

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