The Office of the District Attorney for the 19th Judicial District, Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Pretrial Intervention Program

For some first-time offenders with no prior contact with the criminal justice system, the Office of the District Attorney offers a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) program.  The program is staffed with PTI case managers who will work with first-time offenders to examine the underlying reasons for their criminal behavior.  Often the first-time offender will be required to take education classes or meet with counselors to learn to how to properly deal with these underlying reasons.  In addition, the offender may be subjected to random drug testing.  All first time offenders are required to pay restitution to their victims as a condition of their participation in the program.

Entry into this program is solely at the discretion of the District Attorney.  Offenders who are invited to participate in this program are advised that strict compliance with all program requirements must be achieved.  Should the offender successfully complete the program, a certificate will be issued, and the prosecutor handling the offender’s criminal case will be advised of the successful completion.  Successful completion will normally lead to dismissal of all charges.

Re-offenders will be immediately discharged from the program and their criminal case will proceed to prosecution.

Crimes involving acts of serious violence or organized criminal behavior are not typically considered for this program. In 2009, after consulting with many different community organizations, the District Attorney initiated a nationally leading program for first time offenders of DWI and DUI laws. This rigorous program was developed in partnership with many organizations including the O'Brien House, a well known and respected provider of substance abuse treatment in Baton Rouge. The results of this program are scientifically evaluated and have lead to a 25% decrease in repeat DWI offenses in East Baton Rouge parish.

PTI Program
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NOTE: Any payments made to the District Attorney's Office, including the PTI Program, must be made in the form of a money order or credit card payment. Our office cannot accept cash or personal checks.

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